What I Strive For

The best writing flows like water. As natural as rain or the sweep of a river, with a rhythm all its own. Like the sun, it shines brightly, standing out against a clear sky.

Inspired by the needs of the moment, it is simple to understand. Makes a strong point with no more words than needed, and moves on to the next. Evokes an emotion. Tells a story. Leaves the reader wanting more. Makes them think or moves them to act.

Then, message delivered or story told, such writing finds a graceful conclusion when done.

Just like so.

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This section will show PDF samples of writing I’ve done for advertising agencies and design studios, plus other projects done either on a volunteer basis or as personal undertakings.

In the meantime, you can get a feel for my approach to advertising copy by looking at:

  • Leeward Productions, my custom car tags site, for which I wrote the marketing copy and all other content.
  • My blog posts, which give a good sense of my natural writing style.
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